1. I m getting messages from myntra,which irritating me..i do not shoppibg regularily.other shoping sites do not send messages regularily but myntra do..which is the most irritating demerit of myntra..Kindly deactivate my myntra account..and stop messaging me on my registered mobile number.

    • Hi Surjeet

      This process need to by done through your registered mail. First login to your e-mail that is registered to myntra. then compose a mail and tell your reason like you write in comment section and send it to this address support@myntra.com. Wait for sometime because this may take upto 24 to 72 hours of time after that remove the app if installed.

  2. I asked to be removed from doulike two months ao. They are still taking out money from my bank monthly. I want to be removed immediately. I will contact the BBB and make a formal complaint.

    • hi alex you need to cancel your subscription go through do that by going through here

      After login to account Click on your display name in the top right corner
      Choose ‘Settings’ section from list of link
      In opened window choose ‘Star Membership cancellation’
      In opened window click on the link

      Cancel your membership now to avoid charging.

    • No they are not providing any customer detail to bank in case if you want to refund your money then you have to submit your bank credentials in there website.In bank statement in only show NEFT transfer not anything specific related to order.

  3. i would like to delete all my accounts i have on here mainly all adult dating services and for a refund of my money i found your services to be a scam and is differcult to operate

    • yeah greg a lot of adult dating sites are scam lost money from this sites are rarely to be recovered but my suggestion keep your paid subscription off from there sites to avoid more money loss.

  4. My name is Berivan and years ago I created a fotolog with the username berivan.
    This fotolog was created with my first and very old email address missgreat_tekin@hotmail.com.
    As you can understand, this email address provoced many laughters and embarrasing moments for me as I grew older, which made me make a more proper sounding email address. I slowly stopped using the prior email address, and after an entire year with no activity the people at hotmail decided to delete the email address/account.
    So, now I really wish to delete my fotolog account, because I do not use it at all, but I do not remember my password and there is no way to have a new password sent to me, because the email address which was used to create my fotolog does not exist anymore.
    It bothers me that I have an account that I do not use, and that loads of pictures of me are popping up whenever my name is googled.

    I have written several emails to support@fotolog.com, but they have not replied any of them, and whenever I try to use the standard sheet to contact them from their website, it makes a weird loop without sending my message to them.

    Berivan Tekin

    • Hi Beryvan make a new email ID with the same name missgreat_tekin@hotmail.com.If your account is deleted then you can make a new id with the same name. Once your id is created go to FOTOLOG login page and click on LOST YOUR PASSWORD obtain a new password your email id is created with the same name so you will receive a password update and then log-in to photolog follow the steps mentioned in fototlog page to delete your account and then delete your hotmail account.

    • if you are using debit, credit or online banking to pay for the product then they instantly get the detail on their end. if you want the detail of the transaction then ask for bank statement. if its joint account then the joint account holder can fetch detail but bank did not give detail of their customers to any other person.

    • hi abayneh it would take upto 72 hours for company to reply to your mail. it may come soon depend on the rush and availability of customer service agents.

  5. I want to delete my VSCO user, I got two users and I want to delete one of them, but i don’t remember the Email i used on it. So I leave my new Email down below. It is a hurry!!!

    • Hi emilie it is very difficult to delete your account if you dont know the email address. please write an email to support@vsco.co and tell them about your situation that you don’t remember your email account but i currently have second email id with vsco. they might ask you information about second account and might take proof of your ID to confirm that it was actually you who have created the account. First try to obtain your email address the follow account deletion process

    • Hi macy as per terms we cannot take our user personal information please try to delete your account by following steps if you find any trouble or need any assistant in following steps just let me know.

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