How To Delete Allrecipes Account – Solved


How To Delete Allrecipes Account :- Allrecipes is a online web portal to foodies that teach how to make different recipes and the website also have social networking system installed in which user ask other to help. The user can register on their website and edit their profile, upload picture, compare different recipe, give ratings or comment. We have received some mails from our website readers that they want to delete their account from Allrecipes website. When we studied about this topic that why users are deleting their account from the website we figure out that most of the people who are deleting their account from the website are receiving mails from company like promotional or newsletter which is making their mailbox look spammed while other member say that they are buy a cook book now made recipe from them and some say they are using other website to check recipe that’s why want to delete their account.

If you deleting your account just because of their newsletter or mail you can either mark the mail as spam by clicking on spam button given at top of your mail button or unsubscribe the mail by clicking unsubscribe link given at the bottom of the mail. If your reasons are other then i will guide you step by step method on how to delete your account from Allrecipes Website.



A Little Bit About Company

Allrecipes website was founded by David Quinn, Carl Lipo, Mark Madsen, Michael Pfeffer, Dan Shepherd and Tim Hunt in 1997 and later purchased by Meredith Corporation. It is one of the best online cooking recipe web portal that can access worldwide. Currently the website is available in 13 different languages.

How To Delete Allrecipes Account

Currently there are two ways to delete your account from the website which is given below :-

Delete Your Account Through Calling

  1. Call their customer care number 1-866-528-7784.
  2. Tell them about your account information and say that you want to delete your account.

Delete Your Account by Sending Mail

  1. Open your registered email account and compose a new mail.
  2. Enter the following email address
  3. On Subject enter the line “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.
  4. On Message type headline “PRIVACY REQUEST”.
  5. Now write a mail to delete your account sample given here and click send.

For more information on How to Delete Allrecipes Account stay updated to this website.

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