How to Delete 5GBFree Account – Solved


5GBFree is an online web hosting service provider that let its registered users to set up a new domain and also offer 5 GB of free web space just as the brand imply itself. The website provide option to create or edit account information, register a new domain, get upto 5 GB of free web space with each account, host your website on that free hosting space and install one click CMS application such as WordPress and Drupal. We have recently received request from various online users that they want to delete their account from 5GBFree website. After receiving request we gather information on why user would like to delete their account from 5GBFree website and after gathering information on various portal and users mail we conclude to only one reason that let the website users to delete their account. The first and only reason for users to delete was the limited resource and support provided by company to free account holder. Many users complain that they have face technical error such as site inactivity and slow loading speed which forced its users to action on deleting account.

In case if you are deleting your account just because of their newsletter or mail you can either mark the mail as spam by clicking on spam button given at top of your mail button or unsubscribe the mail by clicking unsubscribe link given at the bottom of the mail.


A Little Bit about Company

5GBFree website was founded by Joynet Jason Hoffman in January 2007 and currently it is one of the best online free web hosting service that can be accessed worldwide. As per source currently there are more than 160,000 users accessing the website on monthly basis.

 How to Delete 5GBFree Account

Currently there are two ways to delete your account from 5GBFree website which is given below:-

Delete your Account through Forum Website

  1. First go the forum website by following this URL “”.
  2. On Forum website login with your username and password.
  3. Once you login to forum website create a thread in Account Cancellation Topic.
  4. On that thread type your username, your web link and publish a request to delete your account. It may take some-time to notice your thread by admin but once he noticed your thread they will delete your account.

Apply For Account Removal through Mail

  1. Open your email account that is registered with the website.
  2. Now compose a email and enter the email address
  4. Now write an email regarding deleting your account sample given here and send the mail to the support team.

For more information on how to Delete 5GBFree Account stay updated to this website.

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