• Hi Prameela Pls Follow the email process and wait till 72 hour for the company to respond you back about account deletion mail. We not take client login credentials so it need to be done by you.

    • Hi Taaha write a mail to customer care regarding removal of another account type your username, email id in the mail and ask them to remove your another account.

    • hi akhshara write a mail to customer support service from your email account which you want to delete and tell the customer service representative to delete your account because you have another one.

    • Hi three parshuram just follow the steps below

      1) go to http://www.myntra.com/contactus.
      2) then select issue buttons others -> I have an issue with the mobile app (the email option will appeared if you select these option).
      3) Now click on email us button a form will be appeared now describe your problem in the text box and upload image file if its possible for you, enter email address and then click on button SEND EMAIL.

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