• hi manoj we cant take client personal detail so it must be done by your end you start doing the process in case need in help in understanding point just tell me.

  1. I click on unsubscribe…but it was showing me offers and sending me mail again and again… Please unsubscribe or delete my account as soon as possible

    • 1) go to shopclues website “http://www.shopclues.com/”.
      2) on top right side of the page click on contact us.
      3) now sign-in to your account and then you will be redirected to your recent order page here click on link “For queries related to new purchase, offers & services” which is given at right side of page a new pop-up will appear.
      4) now enter your phone number, on select issue choose PRODUCT & SERVICES.
      5) on sub issue choose FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS.
      6) on sub sub issue choose OTHERS.
      7) On message box type your message to remove you from email address from promotional mail and send the form.

      It should be fixed.

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