How To Delete After School Account – Solved


How To Delete After School Account :- After School is a social networking app that lets its users to create or edit account information, upload pictures, post your messages or picture anonymously, check other members updates on timeline, like or comment on other post. We have received some mails from our website readers that they want to delete their account from After School app. When we studied about this topic that why users are deleting their account from the website we figure out that most of the people who are deleting their account from the website are receiving mails from company like promotional or newsletter which is making their mailbox look spammed while other members say that they are not using the app from quite some-time so they want to delete their account.

If you deleting your account just because of their newsletter or mail you can either mark the mail as spam by clicking on spam button given at top of your mail button or unsubscribe the mail by clicking unsubscribe link given at the bottom of the mail. If your reasons are other then i will guide you step by step method on how to delete your account from After School app.



A Little Bit About Company

After School app was founded by Michael Callahan and Cory Levy in November 2014 and it was one the best social networking app for teen and students that can be access only in selected countries. Currently the app is being used by 20,000 + school students.

How To Delete After School Account

Currently there is only one way to delete your account from after school app which is given below :-

Delete Your Account By Sending Email

  1. Open your registered email account and compose a new mail.
  2. Enter the following email address
  3. On Subject enter the line “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.
  4. Now write a mail to delete your account sample given here and click send.

This process may take upto 24 to 72 hours of time.

For more information on How to Delete After School Account stay updated to this website.


  1. Hello there, admin,
    I really would like my account to be deleted, after viewing some of the questions towards other students, they were vulgar and inappropriate and not consented to. Those reported have not been taken care of and I do not condone this.
    I have contacted the email provided above. I’ve been working with some of the staff and trying to get my account deleted for 3 days now, but they have had trouble finding me in their database.
    Any tips on what I can do from my side to help them find my account?
    Thank you so much.

    • Hi Austen Please Check that you have send any mail first to their account if you do then they put your account in the process of delete so maybe it is a reason they not found your account. if it is not then they purposely not want to delete your account because of less users in their database in this case nothing will work they keep telling you lie whatever you do. so what you have to do is change your information to random, like name to abcd, change password and picture and then sign-out from your account and abandon it. Currently this is the only way for you to exit through account.

  2. I accidentally uninstalled after school and I’m trying to get it back how can I do that bacause it only shows one button which is Uninstall

    • hello carlos please first uninstall the app reboot your device and reinstall the app if the problem is fixed just let me know what in my opinion your un-installation process might be interrupted in that case find and removed the folder and files of after school app.

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