How To Delete Line Account – Solved


How To Delete Line Account :- Line is an social media application that lets its registered users to send instant messages, video, audio, images and conduct video and audio calls . We have recently comments from the viewers of our website readers that want to delete their account from Line App. After studying on this topic that why user want to delete their account from Line App we find out that many user of this site are deleting their account because they received spam email or newsletter from company or they are using different social media app or software to communicate

If your reason of deleting account is email spamming then we will recommend that you can either mark the mail as spam or unsubscribe from their newsletter by clicking unsubscribe button given at the bottom of the mail you received. If your reason is other than i will guide you step by step method on how to delete your line account.



A Little Bit About Company

Line App is created and developed by Naver Corporation and it is one of the best social media site that can be access worldwide. On October 2014 line has announced that they reach the milestone of over 560 million registered users worldwide.

How To Delete Line Account

There is only one way to delete your line account which is given below :-

Delete Account Using App

  1. Open Your Line App
  2. Now click on more “…” tab and then setting
  3. Now go to account tab and then delete account tab
  4. Now tap Delete My Account which is given at the bottom of the tab click on it and follow the process

Note :- Make sure you delete line pay account before you follow this process. Any third party login using line app account will be permanently lost

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  1. 1) After deleting the LINE account linked to a certain mobile number, can we still create a new LINE account with the same mobile number later on?
    2) I had previously uninstalled the LINE app instead of “deleting account” using my first mobile number. And I then signed into LINE using a second mobile number . How do I delete the LINE account that had been registered with my first account number?

    • Hi Angie

      Answer 1– Once your account is deleted it will never be recovered but you can take the same user ID which is registered to the delete account to do that you need to install the line app then
      1) Start LINE and tap More on the main menu bar
      2) Tap Settings
      3) Tap Profile
      4) Tap User ID
      5) Enter the ID you wish to use and tap Check
      6) If the ID is available, tap Register

      Answer 2
      if you are using the same email address on both the account then it is possible to delete your previous account follow the steps to do that

      1. Start line and access the screen for deleting your account.
      2. Send a blank email and access the URL shown on the email received.
      3. Your previous account will be deleted.

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