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How To Delete Account :- is an social networking app that lets its registered users to make, edit and post short music on their app and let it share with friends and family. Some of the readers of our website has comment that they want to delete their account from account. When we studied about this topic than we find out that most of the app user want to delete their account because they do not want their email to be spam by company newsletter and some are using different app, website or software to make video or communications.

If your reason of deleting account is email spamming then we will recommend that you can either mark the mail as spam or unsubscribe from their newsletter by clicking unsubscribe button given at the bottom of the mail you received. If your reason is other than i will guide you step by step method on how to delete your account.



A Little Bit About Company app was co-founded by  Luyu Yang and Alex Zhu and it is one of the social networking app that can be access worldwide. According to may 2016 report this app is accessed by 60 million user worldwide and net worth of the app is around 500 million dollars.

How To Delete Account is currently working on a feature so that user can delete their account using the app function. This new feature may added in the future version of the app. Currently you can submit request to delete account from their database. The steps on submitting a request are given below.

Delete Account Through Website

  1. Go to the following url
  2. Type email subject and email address.
  3. On Subject Type Request To Delete My Account.
  4. On description Type your honest reason to delete your account like the problem you facing so want to delete account.
  5. On Category Choose ACCOUNT ISSUE.
  6. Enter the additional information like ios, username and then click on submit button.

For more information on How To Delete Account stay updated to this website.

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  1. My granddaughter set up an account with an unknown e mail address. She has forgotten her password so we are at a loss how to delete or access this account as

    Actually if she could access it somehow she would keep it as she is proud of her lovely videos

    • Hi natalie if you know email id it will be possible to change your account password follow the steps

      go to the address
      on issue choose forgot password.
      enter email address on subject choose request to change my password
      on information type that we loss our password so we want new password for this account kindly revert with the new password on my email id.
      enter username and click submit. within 48 hour you will receive a message from team about your account password change

    • She needs to click on “log in” then she needs to type her musername or email she is used to open that account. Then she needs to click on forgot password and then will help her to get back her account by sending a link to either her email or mobile no. whichever Associated with her account

  2. I have an emergency. My child did not have permission to post videos. I need to delete this account immediately . Children should not be able to post videos without permission from parents. I do not know the email that
    He create with a classmate at practice etc
    This goes against family standards
    I am responsible for parenting my child , i will redirect this sneaky behavior but parents should be able to delete and it should be against the law to have children under 10 years old to post

    • hi kaiten you cannot delete your account from the website untill you know your email address. Tip to find email address

      1) Go to the website where you mostly use that email double click on email field it will provide detail of recent e-mail address used to login.
      2) Talk to customer care of your email service provide and tell them that you forgot your email address and password they might send your login credential to your recovery email account.

      • But the email i used is not a real one thats what i mean by unknown. Is there any way they can send me my password to the email I send a mail to them?

        • Yeah kaiten you can send mail to them regarding your previous account and the problem you are facing they might ask the proof that the account is your’s in that case you need to provide scan copy of the document they ask. Hope your account might get activated again.

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