How To Delete PSN Account – Solved


How To Delete PSN Account :- Playstation Network PSN in short is a popular entertainment service provider for playstation console via there official website. The website lets its users to create or edit account on their website, earn trophies and directly shared your achievement to social website like facebook and also download data related to games. We have received some mails from our website readers that they want to delete their account from PSN website. When we studied about this topic that why users are deleting their account from the website we figure out that most of the people who are deleting their account from the website are receiving mails from company like promotional or newsletter which is making their mailbox look spammed while other members say that they not playing playstation game so now not need the account.

If you deleting your account just because of their newsletter or mail you can either mark the mail as spam by clicking on spam button given at top of your mail button or unsubscribe the mail by clicking unsubscribe link given at the bottom of the mail. If your reasons are other then i will guide you step by step method on how to delete your account from PSN website.



A Little Bit About Company

PSN was launched in November 2007 by sony interactive entertainment and it is leading network to check info or content related to playstation console. In 2016 the website has reached over 110 million registered users worldwide out which 65 million members are active users every month.

How To Delete PSN Account

As per playstation network policy you cannot delete your account from their network once it was created but you can change your account information which is act same as abandoned or deleting account. I know its frustrating but this is the only thing you can do at this moment. So lets take a look at the steps to change your account information.

Delete Your Account Through Website

  1. Go to the following url and login with your account.
  2. After you log-in to your account click on ACCOUNT button given at top main menu section.
  3. Click on left navigation Wallet, Account Details and Profile change or remove many information you can to get rid of your account.

This process may take upto 24 to 72 hours of time.

For more information on How to Delete PSN Account stay updated to this website.


  1. i made a new account yesterday MrTigerint . login email mrti*** . password *********
    then it says yu cannot login on an other one’s account howdo I delete the old cuz i lost my password that’s why i made a new one . please let mr know , thanx so much ;

    • Hi Mr Tiger there is a simple process if you lost you password go the login page and click on sign-in button. Once you click on sign-in button you will be redirect to login page here you need to click on link Trouble Sign-in.On trouble sign-in page click on CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD then a new window will pop-up. go through a simple verification process to change your password to new. FOR YOUR ACCOUNT SECURITY REASON I HAVE EDIT YOUR Login-id and Password.

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