How To Delete Pagefile.SYS File From Computer [Solved]


How To Delete Pagefile.SYS File :- While removing temporary files from your computer you should have noticed two files on your computer the first one is Hiberfil.sys and the second one is Pagefile.sys. These files became centre of attention because of its huge size and not being able to delete when the space is needed on C Drive. Many users considered those files as some sort of virus or malicious activity on their computer so they are trying to find a solution for the problem. First of all those two files are system programmed files not a virus or some kind of malicious activity and second things is that one of those file is required to run your computer efficiently. The file that required for your computer is Pagefile.SYS because it is storage file that process the RAM files much faster to give maximum speed as possible to run software such as 3D Games and other software that required more than 1 GB space to run.

So is it still possible to delete the file? The answer is not you cannot delete this file from your computer and it is not advisable to do so however you can change the destination of this file to save some disk-space on C Drive. Follow the below mentioned steps to change the file storage space on D: E: or any other drives.



How To Change Pagefile.sys Destination

To change the pagefile.sys file destination to any other drive on Windows 7 or 8 Operating System just follow the process mentioned below:-

  1. Just right click on MY COMPUTER and then click on PROPERTIES.
  2. Now click on link ADVANCE SYSTEM SETTINGS given at left menu bar.
  3. Click on ADVANCE tab and then under performance section click on button SETTINGS.
  4. Once you click on SETTINGS button a pop-up window will appear on that window click on ADVANCE.
  5. Scroll down to virtual memory section and then click on CHANGE button.
  6. On Virtual Memory Dialog Box Untick the option AUTOMATICALLY MANAGE PAGING FILE SIZE FOR ALL DRIVES.
  7. Now Select C: Drive and then select on radio button NO PAGING FILE after that click on SET button.
  8. Now select the drive you want to store pagefile.sys data and then choose option SYSTEM MANAGED FILE and then click on SET button.

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